BBC News Today: When things get tough – are women the last to be listened to?

BBC News Today: When things get tough – are women the last to be listened to?

An interesting article on BBC News today suggesting Women have been hit hardest by the global recession.


Case Study: South Africa

Case Study: South Africa

Since returning from my trip to South Africa 2 years ago, I have come to learn more about the what ‘development’ really means for the townships, communities and people in South Africa. Following that, and now approaching parts of development with a gender perspective it’s interesting to see how development has evolved particularly for the women in South Africa.

As this article highlights, South Africa is undoubtedly a role model in the developing world in terms of women’s rights and of course the political situation for women in this country. It has taken leaps and bounds and undeniably hugely improved the representation of women in politics.

Has the increase in women’s political representation in South Africa helped things move forward for the country?

Today: Women, Politics and the Developing World.

It’s not often we hear or learn about influential women in politics today. If we’re all honest, we could name perhaps a few we know of on one hand, but we couldn’t really go into detail about what they did, why they were important, what they were all about ¬†and of course why they were inspirational.. Margaret Thatcher, Hilary Clinton perhaps? Of course, this is through no fault of our own… Arguably, the reality is today a ‘norm’ has been created in global politics that women are naturally not taken as seriously by the general public when it comes voicing their opinion.

When it comes to the developing world, there are undoubetedly some true success stories but on the other hand, there are some real issues surrounding a women’s right to voice her opinion in politics. I want to delve into the current issues, debates, success stories and opinions surrounding the issue.

What are the fundamental reasons behind the lack of women’s representation in politics globally?

Introduction: Women, Politics and the Developing World.

Since beginning my degree in International Development Studies, one issue that has caught my attention is the matter of Women in Politics in the Developing World. What caught my attention was the particular case study of Rwanda and the success story of women in politics after the devastating genocide of the early 1990’s. I looked into the interesting reasons behind the increase of women in their politics, the issues they have faced and of course what they have had to overcome in recent years to maintain their influence. It’s a fascinating topic and I would like to learn more about other case studies in developing countries all over the world, opinions from the the NGO’s involved, outsiders opinions and of course, the personal opinions.